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Saever app brings carefully selected geographical based service offerings to meet customer needs. We don't just provide service listing, we back them up with top professional service providers.


Flooring, Handyman, Cleaning, Gardner, Moving, Painting, Landscape, Shelving, Decoration, Pest


Nannies, CarWash, RoadSide, Shopping, Pickup, Salon, PetCare, Tailoring, Tutoring, Laundry


Electrical, Appliance, Plumbing, Carpentry, HVAC, Phone, Computer, Media


Accounting, Technology, Notary, Printing, Shipping, BizEvent, Tax, Legal, Telecom, Software, Staffing


Catering, Photography, Bridal, Rentals, Performers, Touring, Video, Transportation


Fitness, Dietician, Yoga, Therapist, ElderCare

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